Local TV News Media Project

Local TV News Media Project--Local television news remains the most prominent news source for citizens regarding their communities. With that in mind, the Local TV News Media Project at the University of Delaware has been examining local TV news broadcasts since 1990. As part of the College of Education and Public Policy, the project is concerned with local television news content and its impact on the public's perception of their world. Are we more consumers rather than citizens? How does that affect, if at all, civic engagement? Public discourse? Public policy? While the project at the University of Delaware has focused on crime and criminal justice reporting, there are many people who are interested in examining local television news from a variety of perspectives. One problem with accomplishing any examination has been the availability of a sufficient number of stories that are easily accessible for study. To help remedy that situation, we have developed a searchable database of over 10,600 individually digitized local television news stories from across the U.S. Each story is viewable in its entirety. The database is offered here as a public service and provides researchers, the public, the media and others access to all types of stories on local television broadcasts. [Go to the database]