Nonprofit Management Certificate Course

The NPMCC is a 25 year tradition of excellence in nonprofit professional development.  434 graduates have gone on to lead organizations of every size and in every sector of the nonprofit industry.  The Center for Community Research & Service (CCRS) has been supporting Delaware nonprofits for over two decades by providing valuable and needed training to nonprofit leaders so they may manage their organizations efficiently and effectively.   CCRS is dedicated to providing ongoing support and equal access to the NPMCC by way of partial scholarship opportunities to nonprofits in need.   Graduates of the course receive a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, as well as 13.6 CEUs.

February 11, 2016 thru June 2, 2016
Meets every Thursday from 8:30am - 4:30pm
Contact Signe Bell at (302) 573-4475 with questions about the program or registration

Cost: $2250 Registration requires $500 deposit, remainder to be paid by February 1st, 2016.  Go to registration form.

Course Curriculum

Organizational Assessment and Strategy (1 Day)
This session focuses on the basic theories and functions of strategic planning and management, and introduces students to the planning/ monitoring/ evaluation cycle. Financial aspects of strategic planning and management are emphasized.

Financial Management (1 Day)
This session emphasizes the communication and interpretation of financial information for decision-making by managers, governing boards, granting agencies and donors. Techniques and principles of cash flow prediction, resource allocation, financial statement analysis, and budgeting and control are presented.

Strategic Technology Planning (1/2 Day)
This session focuses on strategically planning for and managing technology, to help nonprofit managers make informed and intelligent technology investments, and use technology to accomplish the organization’s mission.

Leadership and Innovation in Nonprofit Organizations (1  Day)
This session focuses on three aspects of leadership: developing and working within a multi-cultural management team, understanding management styles, and conflict resolution.  Attention and focus will also be paid to working on innovative tools and strategies to manage problems and issues more creatively. 

Board Governance (1 Day)
The module will address key elements to creating and maintaining an active and engaged board for your nonprofit.

Human Resources Management (2 Days)
This session trains managers in selected aspects of personnel management, including interviewing and selection, employment law, classification and compensation, career development, and performance assessment.

Program Management and Decision Making (1 Day)
This session covers the dual requirements of nonprofit organization and their importance for decision making, planning and management.

Volunteer Management (1 Day)
This session covers the design and management of successful volunteer programs.

Advocacy (1/2 Day)
This session is designed to enhance nonprofit managers’ understanding of the importance of advocacy and government relations in serving their mission, and to equip them with skills and knowledge to be effective in influencing public policy.  This day will also address the use of technology as an tool for increased advocacy. 

Marketing and Fundraising (2 Days)
This session emphasizes marketing, public relations and fund raising. Approaches to developing systematic marketing and fund raising strategies are presented. Sources of nonprofit revenue, historical philanthropic patterns, and strategies to achieve a stable and diversified funding base are reviewed.  These two days will also discuss the use of social networking as a marketing and fund development tool.

Communication (1/2 Day)
This session will teach managers to recognize the personal and practical needs of both staff and clients and the importance of responding to those needs. Enhanced communication and effective communication with team members and others will be emphasized.

Succession Planning (1/2 day)
This session will focus on planning for leadership succession within nonprofit organizations. 

Performance Measurement (1 Day)
This session presents basic concepts and models for determining how efficiently and effectively the organization is performing. Strategies for incorporating the results of evaluation into program planning, program implementation, and justifying resource requirements are covered.

Course Project
Participants will also be required to complete course assignments on each of the modules.  This very valuable component of the NPMCC will assist managers and directors with putting into practice the knowledge and skills they have acquired as a result of the curriculum.  Nonprofit professionals will work to identify key issue areas of their organization and/or program and develop, over the course of the 16 weeks, goals and an implementation plan for these key areas.  Participants will be required to present their plan as part of their final project on the final day of the course. 
The Nonprofit Management Certificate Course is supported in part by the State of Delaware.

 Started in 1990, this 16-week course teaches participants how to handle the key management challenges facing nonprofit organizations: Strategic planning, technology, financial management, human resources, fostering leadership, lobbying and advocacy, designing and evaluating programs, marketing and fundraising. To date, over 430 people have successfully completed the Nonprofit Management Certificate Course. This course runs in the spring (February-May) and meets each Thursday (8:30 am-4:30 pm).